Data Overload

Data Overload: It’s not about the quantity of data. It’s about the right data.

For the world of manufacturing, having the ability to capture vast and complex data can be a wonderful thing. Data allow us to react to situations faster and give us the ability to make predictive decisions rather than reactive ones. Data allow our teams to make intelligent decisions regarding production schedules and many other aspects of our business.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

- Albert Einstein, Physicist

Vast and complex data are, conceptually, a wonderful thing. But, in some cases, control systems have gotten to the point where they have the ability to give us too much information, which can cloud our thinking, actually make our jobs more challenging.

Blog Data Overload DialsWe find companies are taking the first good steps toward gathering data, but not taking that investment to the next level to actually make the information useful. It is not just about collecting the data; it is even more important to organize and filter the data. If the data are not presented to the end user in a logical, concise manner, then the data can act as a detriment to that person’s job, leading them to come to inaccurate or uninformed decisions – costing the company even more money.

So how does one possibly manage the data and only look at the relevant information?  Engineering, maintenance, purchasing, and production planning all have very different job responsibilities, and therefore, require different data or need the data presented in a different manner. A successful manufacturing intelligence solution will:

  1. Configure with your existing systems and interfaces
  2. Provide ease of use for all different users and role types
  3. Allow users to access your data from anywhere including your shop floor devices, PC, or your mobile phone or tablet
  4. Be designed specifically for industrial environments


It’s all about putting the right data into the right hands.

Blog Data Overload HandsVantagePoint is a manufacturing intelligence solution that uses the Connected Enterprise to access the data and then utilizes a concept known as role-based navigation and security. The data can be organized and modeled in ways that make sense for different roles in the company, while limiting access to sensitive data. The data can then be displayed in a customized format using drag and drop and the library of widgets provided. One could also create reports using the templates from the library of reports or use the Microsoft Excel Add-In to customize and publish reports.

Isn’t it time for your company to not only collect data but to start investing in transforming its data into the predictive decisions that increase your bottom line?

What do you think about data overload and manufacturing intelligence? How does data impact your productivity and operations? I’d love to hear more about it the comments section.