Improve Reliability with Third Party Repair Services

When it comes to industrial manufacturing equipment like drives, PLCs and power supplies, repairs can often be a cost-effective alternative to buying new. If your facility has interest in repairs, keep in mind that Horizon Solutions can offer repair services Rockwell Automation parts and much more – we want you to avoid failures. We want you to maximize your uptime, no matter whose products you use.

As maintenance and capital investment budgets continue to shrink, many manufacturers are beginning to recognize the value of repairing existing assets that malfunction or fail. When your team starts looking into a repair program, two of the major drivers will be to (1) improve reliability of your overall operations, and (2) extend the useful lifecycle of your automation equipment. We can help you do that! Our team has the experience and expertise.

Rockwell Automation Authorized DistributorIf you are a user of Rockwell Automation® equipment, of course Horizon Solutions can support cost-effective repairs of those components. When it comes to Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley® products, we can go a step further with remanufacturing services (covered in a previous blog post). When it comes to non-Rockwell Automation equipment, our local team also offers comprehensive repair services for over 200,000 items from 7,000+ manufacturers.

Third Party Repairs / Non-Rockwell Automation Equipment

We understand that your automated systems are complex. Because of variances over time, and due to design preferences, some systems will contain two or three (or more!) types of components. This infographic shows some of the commonly seen manufacturers in the world of industrial automation:

Repair service manufacturers include

Repair service manufacturers include




General Electric




Square D

Schneider Electric



and many others…

A Deeper Dive into Rockwell Automation Repair Services

Horizon Solutions partners with Rockwell Automation for all of our repairs. Our team and many of our clients recognize that Rockwell Automation offers unparalleled repair services. This short video (4-1/2 minutes) gets into the specific details of the Rockwell Automation repair process as well as giving a look at their repair facility in Munster, Indiana (near Chicago IL). This ISO certified facility processes over 35,000 repaired units per year. Learn how quality has been integrated into every step of our repair process.


You can also see that video (and other valuable content) on Rockwell Automation’s repair services page.

If your facility has interest in repairs, keep in mind that Horizon Solutions can do repairs on much more than just Rockwell Automation parts. If you are having issues with servo motors & drives – we can help. Robots and controllers? Yes, we can help. All brands, all manufacturers.

What are the most important factors to you and your team when looking at repairs?