With the popularity of servos in numerous applications today, the need for tools to shorten the commissioning time has created some great features. What used to take hours is now greatly reduced and we have evolved to systems that have ‘Tuningless’ and adaptive tuning features.

Cable pull switches have a notorious history for tripping when there aren’t actually any emergencies. On the factory floor, this is counterproductive for facility personnel as it creates more stress and machine downtime. As a result, many plants have turned to alternative safety applications.

Color is an effective way to improve your facility’s safety and productivity. Think about the importance of color in everyday life. These same concepts carry into the workplace, where the effective use of color promotes a safer and more productive environment for employees and visitors.

We often hear phrases that sound like this: buy local, support your local farmer, and remember your local shop owner. Today we’ll to look at what it means to be a distributor and what it means to support your customers. And what it means to support your local manufacturers.