Keeping your workforce up to speed with ever-changing automation technology is a daunting task for manufacturers. Luckily, there are training providers who offer a variety of training solutions that can help companies balance training with productivity, accommodating schedules and learning styles.

There is a misconception that only large companies can afford to automate. In my opinion, small and midsize companies can’t afford not to. Automation isn’t one thing, and it does not have to encompass everything or be a big, disruptive project. It’s ok to start small and grow into automation.

While STO is great for ensuring motors don’t become energized, a newer function called safe stop is used to bring high-inertia loads to a more controlled stop. There are two options: safe stop 1 (SS1) and safe stop 2 (SS2). Both work in the same manner but differ once the motor is at a standstill.