Every time I turn a corner, a new manufacturer is getting into or expanding their product offerings into the Internet of Things (IoT). Because we’re so close to its innovations, we know the rise of the IoT is just the beginning. Let’s look at some technological advancements from manufacturers.

Edge computing is the collection and crunching of data on the manufacturing floor close to the actual devices. It’s about moving your data to the edge of your network. With this concept, you can use an edge appliance on the floor to collect and analyze data.

Arguably, one of the biggest factors in machine safety is the human element, which is why a machine safety culture is critical. Functionally, safety systems are designed to protect personnel, considering all modes of human interaction, including maintenance operations and cleaning operations.

Steam systems often go unnoticed as big energy wasters. Steam trap failures can easily occur and go unnoticed. Like any mechanical system which moves, parts will wear and/or break. However, the steam system will still provide heat, so red flags don’t go up—but energy dollars go out the door!