New Rockwell Automation e-Learning

There have been some recent changes to the Rockwell Automation® self-paced training options. Whether you’re an existing RSTrainer user or just considering Rockwell Automation e-learning for the first time, this blog will help you navigate your options.

The Advantages of On-Demand Learning

From its inception, on-demand learning content has been celebrated for its flexibility, allowing users to learn anytime and anywhere. As more employees are being tasked to do more with less, leaving work for on-site training isn’t always an option.

The average worker today has approximately 1% of their time focused on training and development (that’s just 24 minutes per week). That same worker is also interrupted every five minutes on average by other work applications or collaboration tools. So, the time devoted to learning must be maximized.

Employees are now online an average of 27 times per day, on a variety of smart devices and PCs. And as computer technology and infrastructure continues to advance rapidly, many manufacturers are finding that their e-learning content must evolve to stay ahead of changes in hardware technology. So, training has become much more flexible and modern to keep pace with our customers’ changing needs.

RSTrainer CDs No Longer Available

Effective June 1st, 2019, the RSTrainer CDs are no longer available for purchase. The RSTrainers have served many of our customers well over the years. The training content was located on CD/DVD-ROM disks, which the students could load on any computer with a CD/DVD drive. This format enabled them to learn whenever and wherever they had access to a CD/DVD drive. However, many PCs today are being manufactured and sold without a CD/DVD drive, including the one I’m typing on right now. Additionally, RSTrainers are not compatible with Windows 10.

Introducing New Rockwell Automation E-Learning

Unlike the discontinued RSTrainers, Rockwell Automation’s new e-learning training courses are available exclusively online, providing both immunity from hardware changes and the convenience of learning on any tablet or PC using Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.

This new e-learning series officially launched in April of 2019. It consists of 14 courses, across six technologies. Rockwell Automation also plans on expanding on the initial course sets through 2020. A great mix of some of the most popular curriculums, covering the latest technologies, the training modules available today are listed below.

Rockwell Automation E-Learning

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Each training course contains a series of modules with various activities, software simulations, and videos to reinforce the learning concepts. As employees are inevitably interrupted, they’ll be able to save and pick up exactly where they left off next time.

This exciting new series is still in its infancy So, stay tuned for more details throughout the coming months.

Accessing Rockwell Automation E-Learning

There are a variety of flexible options when it comes to ordering this e-learning series. For customers that currently do not have a TechConnect Support contract, your only available option is Fast Pass. This option provides a single user to an individual course for 90 days.

For those customers who currently are utilizing a TechConnect support contract, there are three options for you to choose from:

  • Fast Pass – As mentioned above, but at a discounted rate
  • Single User – This option provides the entire e-learning series for a single user for one year (that’s right, all 14 courses at one incredibly low price)
  • Multi-User – Geared toward larger industrial customers who have a minimum user count of 50 employees, this option provides the entire library and allows multiple employees access to the training curriculum at the same time

Ready for Flexible Training?

Whether you’re looking for more information on Rockwell Automation e-learning or would just like to discuss training options, we’re here to help. Our Automation Specialists can help you navigate your training needs and create a development plan. Contact us today!

What is your experience with e-learning? Let us know in the comments.

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Mike Martinson

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