Mold can lurk anywhere—indoors and out. And from spring’s winter thaw to the humid heat of summer, the conditions are right for it to grab hold and grow. When you consider the health risks that mold exposure can pose, especially the respiratory hazards, it’s a good time to look at mold prevention.

Unauthorized parts may be contaminated and can introduce foreign objects into your process. Great deals that save you in upfront costs can end up causing downtime in your plant, quality control issues, recall costs, and negative publicity.

If you’ve ever investigated the guts of a control panel, chances are you’ve seen terminal block arrays. They are a very common component in the world of industrial control and automation. This blog will discuss ways to save time and space when you’re building or modifying control panels.

Manufacturers can realize data traceability with blockchain. This technology provides raw material traceability while connecting all the stakeholders. Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the banking industry; now it’s poised to impact the manufacturing world.