As we mentioned in our last post, it’s Safe + Sound Week. This program from OSHA is designed to inspire more facilities and worksites to make safety a priority, providing the resources for developing a comprehensive safety program. In this post, we’ll explore the three pillars of this program.

It’s OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, part of a year-round campaign to encourage workplace safety programs. It’s a great time to evaluate your internal programs. Whether you have something formal in place or not, this post will provide ways for you to improve workplace safety at your site or facility.

Drives are often used and specified for use in industrial applications. From conveyors to pumps, drives are an efficient piece of automation technology. These best practices for drive enclosures will save you time—and frustration. Follow these five steps when fitting a drive to an enclosure.

Control devices are more sensitive to power interruptions, and a power issue can cause data loss and long restart times, costing you valuable production time. In today’s automation world, downtime is not an option—so you need a reliable DC power system.