Serving customers and communities in time-honored tradition.

Holmes Electric Supply Company March 5, 1936

The company is the result of a merger by three family businesses: Holmes Electric Supply Company, of Portland, Maine; Oakes Electric, of Holyoke, Massachusetts; and RERO Distribution, of Rochester, New York.

Holmes Electric Supply - April 26 1964

Holmes Electric Supply April 26, 1964 – Click here to enlarge

The three united as Horizon Solutions in 2000. Holmes dates to 1918, Oakes began in 1885, and the RERO business was founded in 1857.

Today, Horizon Solutions is a wholesale distributor of electrical and industrial products in upstate New York and northern New England, serving industrial, commercial and institutional customers. Horizon Solutions provides not only electrical contractor supplies, but also products and services for industrial automation, metalworking and other manufacturing functions, as well as services and technology to improve energy efficiency and enhance workplace safety. The company serves a wide variety of industries, from construction to chemicals, and job sites ranging from highly automated manufacturing facilities to elementary schools to Ivy League campuses.

Horizon Solutions Since 1857

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In addition to hard-goods distribution, Horizon Solutions offers services designed to identify and deliver solutions which fuel our customers’ success through improved productivity, safety and efficiency. Horizon Solutions is defined by our ability to understand customer applications and apply current technology to solve problems. Leveraging our expertise in technology, supply chain, and training and education, we provide our customers with total solutions which utilize products from the best manufacturers in the automation, electrical and industrial arena.

Horizon Solutions employs inside and outside sales professionals, technical specialists and customer service experts to provide the best customer experience with every interaction. Customer intimacy, deep knowledge and close relationships, and high-touch interactions characterize our heritage and “corporate DNA.” Over recent years we have successfully invested in technologies to reduce transaction costs and improve operations to drive our growth. Simultaneously we have created a culture and processes around a more disciplined selling approach to preserve the best practices of that heritage while adapting to the dynamic demands of our customers and the marketplace.

“We understand our customers, we learn their business inside and out. So, we’re able to supply the solutions that make the most sense for them. That’s why Horizon Solutions has been around for such a long time, and why we’re going to be around for a long time to come.”

- Matt Anderson, regional sales manager in Scarborough

Horizon currently employs 160 sales professionals divided approximately between outside account managers, technical specialists or sales engineers, and inside sales and support. We operate out of eight physical branch locations in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.