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Rockwell Automation continues to make world-class products, make them smarter, and invest in technologies like self-discovering analytic bots and augmented reality. This broad portfolio gives them the most comprehensive IIoT solution. It’s why we’re proud to be an authorized distributor.

Have you ever struggled to troubleshoot a safety system on a machine? Traditional systems don’t provide much in the way of diagnostics. So, troubleshooting can require downtime and specialized skills. Modern safety systems link GuardLink™ technology to simplify troubleshooting and increase uptime.

We’ve been blogging for nearly three years, and we’re thrilled to see how our audience and readership has grown. Readers are especially interested in our How-tos, DIYs, and FAQs. That’s why we’ve compiled our top five how-to blog posts based on the number of page visits (so you don’t have to).

A type of proximity sensor, these sensors can detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter, making them an ideal alternative to inductive proximity sensors. Photoelectric technology allows for long- and short-range detection and can detect almost any material.

Safety is more than a box to check, especially when it comes to industrial equipment. When the lives of your employees and your own livelihood are on the line, it’s critical that your safety program is both pervasive and effective. We’re here to provide guidance and make recommendations.

In 2016 and 2017, lockout/tagout ranked number five on OSHA’s top 10 list of safety violations. Recently, we went over ways to make your lockout/tagout program smarter, now let’s focus on the seven essential parts of a successful, compliant LOTO program.

By decreasing the need for solid guarding, 450L light curtains simplify routine tasks like machine setup, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, these light curtains allow easier access to your semi-automatic procedures improving your operability and efficiency. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits.