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There are many under-utilized tools associated with TechConnect Support Contracts, including Training Advisor. With a rapidly aging workforce and ever-changing automation technology, it’s more critical than ever that companies have a plan to develop and build knowledge. So, what’s Training Advisor?

The Micro870 is expanding the realm of the Micro800 line and improving its performance. It has a much larger memory capacity to go along with its new expanded IO (I/O) in the effort to target large standalone machine applications that were once in the wheelhouse of the MicroLogix 1400.

Let’s consider a few popular ring topology protocols: REP (Resilient Ethernet Protocol) and DLR (Device Level Ring). This post will help explain those ring topology protocols, how they work, and some of the reasons why a facility might choose one ring or the other.

Anyone that’s been in the world of Industrial Automation for some time will be familiar with the term PLC-5. You may have seen the announcements that it is entering the End of Life phase. This blog post is to help you understand your options and make the right choice for your business.

The move to smart manufacturing is putting new demands on your workforce. And this skills gap is a global challenge. As it widens, it threatens to reduce your productivity and slow your time to market. A clear workforce development and training strategy can help you mitigate these challenges.

This annex is not a part of the requirements of NFPA 70E standards, it has been included for informational purposes. The goal is to assist in risk management by considering the various roles in the workplace and their ability to recognize and affect human error and its negative aspects.

Process Solutions User Group (PSUG) is a unique opportunity to discover ways to achieve process automation excellence. PSUG is part Automation Fair, addressing the production challenges you face through thought-provoking keynote speakers, customer success stories, and hands-on labs.