What if an energy efficiency program could boost productivity by just 1%?

And the 1% produced 5 minutes of additional productivity per day, per occupant…

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Energy efficiency increases productivity and saves your business money.

  • Leverage incentives through your local utility companies to complete your energy efficiency project
  • Energy-efficiency will lead to lower operating costs over time
  • With utility bills on the rise, let energy efficiency be your solution

Contact the Horizon Solutions team today to learn more about the incentive programs available in your area.

Energy Use Assessment (Audit)

Energy assessments help you make informed energy decisions and implement energy efficiency strategies. Assessments identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings.

The energy use assessment (audit) process includes…

  • A trained energy assessor will visit your business to uncover saving opportunities by evaluating building construction, heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting, water heating, windows and doors, and more
  • Following your assessment you will receive a detailed report outlining recommended projects, paybacks, and rebates available
  • You consider our recommendations and choose which projects you’d like to complete first
  • Move forward with the selected projects by contacting us
  • Collect rebates from local utility company to realize faster paybacks on your efficiency project
  • Enjoy long-term savings on your energy program month after month, year after year

How can we help you?

Reduce and manage your energy costs by combining energy assessment data with expert insights to create a custom energy-efficiency program. Scheduling an energy assessment will help you determine what energy-savings solutions are best for your business.

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