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836P Solid-State Pressure Sensors and IO-Link

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836P_IO-Link IO Link Solid-State Pressure SensorsBulletin 836P solid-state pressure sensors measure liquids or gases in a wide range of process applications. The devices offer a rugged, corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel sensing element and an IP67 enclosure rating.

  • Bulletin 836P sensors can measure liquids or gases from -14.5…10,000 psi
  • Offered in a wide range of process connections for application flexibility
  • Available with discrete and analog outputs
  • Available in display and non-display models
  • 836P display pressure sensors incorporate embedded IO-Link Technology in select sensors to help minimize downtime and increase productivity

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IO-Link Graphic Setup evices sensors 3‐wire cables master

IO-Link Technology for Automation and Industrial Control

IO-Link is a worldwide open-standard protocol (IEC 61131-9) that allows sensors to easily integrate into a control system. Rockwell Automation is the only supplier that offers the controller, IO-Link master, and IO-Link sensors. This is key for integration, especially with Studio 5000 Logix Designer™. 836P display pressure sensors incorporate embedded IO-Link Technology in select sensors.

You might ask “Why is IO-Link Technology important for my automation and industrial control applications?”  There are some very specific reasons why. When using the full Rockwell Automation solution, customers are afforded an enhanced level of integration plus features and functionality not available with competitive offerings. Add-on-Profiles (AOP) will simplify the setup of Allen-Bradley IO-Link devices by organizing sensor information and configurable parameters for intuitive programming. Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) allows sensor configurations to be stored in the Logix controller and downloaded to new/replacement sensors of the same catalog number without the need for re-teaching/re-programming. Tag Names and structure for IO-Link process data are automatically generated from the sensor IO Device Description (IODD) files. Correlation of the Read-Write (RW) parameter values of connected IO-Link devices are compared to those stored in the controller so any differences can be mitigated (only while online in run-mode).

Horizon Solutions is the exclusive Rockwell Automation Authorized Allen-Bradley distributor in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine and in select areas in New York and MassachusettsWhen you look at the big picture, the specific integration features outlined above will result in the simplified design, installation, setup, and maintenance. Utilizing the full Rockwell Automation solution allows reduced inventory, reduced, operating costs, increased uptime, improved productivity, as well as enhanced flexibility & scalability.


Interested in Learning More about IO-Link Technology?

1734 POINT IO System IO-LinkRockwell Automation is committed to IO-Link Technology as a part of Integrated Architecture®. Together, Horizon Solutions and Rockwell Automation offer a full range of industrial control products featuring embedded IO-Link Technology, including:

IO-Link enabled sensors

This illustration shows both the on-machine version and the in-cabinet options for IO-Link and associated devices.