Fuses Made Simple™ with Bussmann series fuses

Three tiers of protection help speed up specification and selection.

Bussmann Series Fuses tier of protection


Bussmann Series Fuses four fuse familiesThe Bussmann Series Fuses four fuse families make fuse selection and replacement easy

Each Bussmann series fuse family is categorized by key protection characteristic and performance benefits.

  • Ultimate protection —  Low-Peak™ (yellow) 50% more protection than any other listed fuse*
  • Advanced protection — Fusetron™ (green) 23% more energy efficient*** and the best time-delay performance
  • Limitron™ (black) — 10x better current limitation than basic circuit breakers or fuses**
  • Basic protection — General purpose (gray) basic circuit protection

* 50% higher IR (300kA) than any other UL and CSA Listed Fuse. Includes Class J, L and R fuses.

** Does not include current limiting circuit breakers or current-limiting fuses. Protection determined by comparing published values for let–through for Class CC, J, R, and T fuses versus asymmetrical RMS waveform at 200kA.

*** Test results are based on weighted sales volume of FUSETRON and Ferraz Shawmut (Mersen) fuses by selected amp and volt rating combination. Next leading brand refers to Ferraz Shawmut based on third-party fuse market share data
for a twenty-seven month period (July 2008 through September 2010).

Fuses Made Simple familiesThe four Fuses Made Simple families are grouped into three tiers of protection to meet the needs of any application. When you move up to the next level of protection, you can get enhanced performance compared to the fuses in the lower tier. For example, Fusetron fuses can replace your general-purpose fuses in branch circuit applications and Low-Peak can be used in any application, giving you worry-free, enhanced performance.

Bussmann Series Fuses selection made simple


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