A complete offering for low and medium voltage circuit breaker applications

Power distribution and circuit protection are important for you, your machines, and your equipment. Circuit breakers protect electrical systems from damage caused by excess current, overloads and short circuits. When you have a need for a breaker – turn to the experts at Horizon Solutions and Eaton.

Eaton Breakers

Why Eaton breakers?

Horizon Solutions is an Eaton distributor for electrical systems, power quality, distribution, control, hydraulics components, aersospace fuel, pneumatic systemsQuality circuit breakers offer premium electrical circuit protection. Eaton circuit breakers are commonly specified as the standard in panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, control panels, and combination starters. If you are an electrical contractor working in the field, you very likely come across Eaton circuit breakers every day.

In many types of electrical construction work, you and your team will need to fill an empty slot in a panelboard. You may wonder “Can this breaker go into that slot?” or “Can I just add a breaker here?” There are engineering and design considerations, as well as brand compatibility concerns with regards to form, fit, and function. We can help you answer those questions.

Horizon Solutions has the Top 50 Eaton breakers you need in stock –


*Distributor in-stock breaker guarantee: Horizon Solutions will have the listed breakers in stock at our CDC or they will be shipped to you next day air at no extra freight charge. See the list here.

What is the “Power of Authenticity”?

Your aftermarket needs are a high priority, whether you’re replacing a damaged breaker or adding new components to existing equipment. Learn more about the impact that counterfeit breakers can have at Eaton’s “Power of Authenticity” ensures that you get authentic Eaton products. This eliminates the downtime, safety, liability and performance issues that may occur with other products.

This short video can help you understand “electrical aftermarket products” and the associated impact on your business:

Are you an electrical contractor doing renovation and expansion work? Do you face challenges with determining what is authentic and what is counterfeit? Your Horizon Solutions representative can provide further information and assistance.
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