PROLINE G2: Modular Enclosure Systems

Modular enclosure systems offer unique opportunities for both industrial facilities and machine builders. A PROLINE G2 enclosure offers the strength and dependability you need in an industrial environment while offering unmatched design flexibility and the the highest space efficiency ratio of any global competitor.

PROLINE G2 Modular Enclosure Systems Hoffman PentairStrength and Dependability

It’s all about equipment protection. All PROLINE G2 components use durable high-quality components. A key design element of PROLINE G2 is the 12-gauge hybrid frame. The frame of a modular enclosure is the key design element which protects the expensive equipment inside the enclosure. In a PROLINE G2 enclosure, the frame remains square allowing for a solid door close. Simply put – it provides superior performance under load.

Maximum Space Utilization

When using PROLINE G2 enclosures, the mounting subpanel is easily depth adjustable. This allows you all sorts of options. You could mount components on two different sides. Two sub-panels can be used back-to-back with no space between. When compared to other options, the PROLINE G2 system doesn’t just save space – it can help you create space you never knew you had!

  • Control panel sizing requirements: One specific case might be a spacing need for very narrow but tall control panel. The PROLINE G2 enclosure line offers size options like 6.5 ft (78.74in) tall x 2ft (23.52in) wide x 2ft (23.52in) deep. These problem solver sizes can make your industrial automation and networking projects easier and simpler.
  • Control panel spacing requirements: When you are faced with a unique footprint or layout, a PROLINE G2 enclosure solution lets you maximize your usable space – creating more functional room for your electronics on the plant floor. The modularity lets you use what space is available rather than try to redesign or rebuild a whole cell.

New Modular Enclosure System Tools: Design and Build Flexibility

Interested in modular enclosure systems? This 3D Configurator from Hoffman is a valuable asset when you start building a modular enclosure. It features an interactive 3D model, visual selections, over 1800 mix-and-match components and an auto-populated Bill of Materials (BOM). Design, build, and order all in one place. Hoffman’s 3D Configurator Tool offers state-of-the-art functionality:

  • Rotate to view any angle
  • Move internal components or holes and cutouts to desired locations
  • Transparent views for exploring internal components
  • Open and close the door (virtually)
Configure Now!

When you hear PROLINE G2, think: Strength and dependability. Maximum space utilization. Design and build flexibility.

What types of opportunities do you have for modular enclosures? What equipment protection challenges have you faced in the past 12 months? Your Horizon Solutions representative can provide further information and assistance.
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