PANDUIT Wire Termination Tools CT-1000 Crimp Tool

Crimping ferrules can be a time-consuming task. If you are building a complete panel or working on a large machine and need a serious step up in speed and reliability, the CT-1000 crimping tool from Panduit is a great fit. This tool is targeted at medium volume terminations and is suitable for both a panel shop and for fieldwork.

Featured Product Panduit CT-1000 Cut Tool


Featured Product Panduit CT-1000 Strip Tool


Featured Product Panduit CT-1000 Crimp Tool


Cuts Wire + Strips Wire + Crimps Ferrules

The CT-1000 crimping tool is designed to significantly reduce installation time. It is engineered to be used with continuously molded strip-fed ferrules, AKA “reels” or “belts”. This tool is compatible with #20 through 14 AWG wire sizes and ferrules.

  • Semiautomatic:
    • Cuts Wire
    • Strips Wire
    • Crimps Ferrules
  • Typically use strips of 50 pieces
  • Crimp profile = trapezoid

Semiautomatic termination tools provide a system to accelerate repetitive operations, improve productivity, and reduce downtime while maintaining quality and reliability. These are a great choice for your profitability and for your workers.

  • Repeatability: Controlled cycle mechanism assures high quality, consistent terminations
  • Ergonomics: Tool design assures operator comfort, safety, and performance
  • Safety: Cushion handles provide chemical resistance and a cushioned, non-slip grip

The CT-1000 crimping tool is designed for ferrules on strip (example). For even higher volume applications, there are automated systems available. These applications typically use strips of 500 to 5000 pieces.

What types of terminals and ferrules are you using? Are you doing all of your crimping manually? It is consuming too much time? Your Horizon Solutions representative can provide further information and assistance.
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