Sylvania LED High Bay Luminaires LEDVANCE

SYLVANIA LEDVANCE High Bay luminaires are environmentally and economically preferable LED alternatives to outdated lighting systems. They offer up to 67% energy savings when compared to traditional products such as HID. They combine all the benefits of LED lighting with a light-weight design and offer you and your team the wattage and installation options to fit your facility.

What are some great features that the SYLVANIA LEDVANCE High Bay has to offer?

  • 100 and 200W options replacing up to 250W/400W traditional High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide fixtures
  • Type V distribution emitted through a UV stabilized polycarbonate refractor
  • Available in a 347V option
  • Control ready with 0-10V dimming 

Why choose this LED versus other LED products available on the Market?

  • Light weight with an easy installation
  • Open refractor minimizes the cave effect which is usually caused by aluminum refractors
  • Available in a 347V option
  • LEDVANCE luminaires assure optimum light engineperformance for extended service and rated life ( ≥116,000 hours L70) backed by a 5 year warranty

SYLVANIA LEDVANCE High Bay luminaires are ideal for use in:

  • Industrial applications: Warehouses, loading docks and manufacturing facilities
  • Educational applications: Gymnasiums and indoor arenas
  • Retail applications: Wholesale, big box retail and loading docksinstallation

For more technical details, check out the full product specification document.

Contact Horizon Solutions for additional information as you may qualify for utility incentives that range anywhere from $100-$250 per fixture with paybacks as short as 3 months.

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