Improve job site efficiency and increase profitability.

Job Site Efficiency

It’s hard to be an electrical contractor – compressed project schedules and shrinking margins make it critical that you get on and off the job quickly. Horizon Solutions offers tools to help maximize the efficiency of your team including:

  • Supply chain solutions to ensure the correct material is where and when it needs to be
    • Vendor managed inventories
    • Jobsite trailors
  • Products designed for quicker and easier installation in the field and onsite
  • Hand and power tools to make installs and modifications easier

We understand the challenges faced by electricians and electrical contractors and always offer options to help improve your efficiency.

Solutions for Electrical Contractors

Overall Profitability

From the service entrance, to breaker panels, control equipment, wire runs, lighting, receptacles and so much more – you have a lot to consider. Horizon Solutions is committed to offering products at a fair and competitive price. Learn about the products we deliver to Electrical Contractors every day.

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