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  1. New Technology from Rockwell Automation
  2. Automation & Pneumatics Applications
  3. Automation Partner Solutions
  4. Training & Commercial Events
  5. Whitepapers & Design Tools
  6. Product Obsolescence

Section 1). New Technology from Rockwell Automation

IO-Link Technology Automation eNewsletterIO-Link Technology is a worldwide open-standard protocol that integrates sensors into the Connected Enterprise by connecting the IO-Link enabled device into an IO-Link master module. This technology can help you with product detection applications, diagnostics, machine health status, uptime and productivity. Learn about the efficiency and flexibility of IO-Link capable sensors here. 

Newsletter 855XM and 855HM Metal HornsHazardous location signaling devices are designed to alert workers to critical equipment and system needs on the plant floor.
• Available in a wide variety of light and sound functions, sizes, colors, voltages, and mounting options.
• Customizable with separate light and sound modules to suit your automation requirements.
• Offered pre-assembled to save time
Click here to review the full Bulletin 855 offering 

140M-D8V Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Automation eNewsletterElectrical codes require that an individual motor branch circuit be protected by a UL/CSA Listed fuse, circuit breaker, or self-protected combination motor controller. Motor circuit protectors provide a disconnecting means for motor branch circuit, branch-circuit… keep reading 

Newsletter FactoryTalk View ME v8.10 FactoryTalkView Machine Edition (ME) software is a versatile HMI application that provides a dedicated and powerful solution for machine-level operator interface devices. See how FactoryTalk View ME can help you increase efficiency and productivity

5069 Compact IO Modules Automation eNewsletterHigh-performance control in a compact design:
• Supports 31 local I/O modules, including: high speed counter, digital input, digital output, analog output, isolated relay output, and address reserve
• Supports 1 GB embedded switch technology for Device Level Ring topologies • Provides high-speed backplane for faster transfer rates …keep reading 

Compact GuardLogix 5370 Safety Controllers Automation eNewsletterCompactLogix™ and Compact GuardLogix® controllers use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide mid-range application control in an easy-to-use environment. Learn how these devices can reduce your development time and reduce commissioning costs. Click here to learn more. 

ControlLogix 5580 Controller Automation eNewsletterThere exists a growing demand for “smart” machines and equipment for manufacturing. ControlLogix® 5580 Controllers provide increased performance, capacity, productivity, and security to help meet this demand through use of the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment™ … keep reading

PanelView Plus 7 Standard Graphic Terminal Automation eNewsletterThese Graphic Terminals help integrate workers and the plant floor to your applications and to your enterprise. They help simplify configuration and strengthen your Integrated Architecture solution. These terminals include Ethernet connectivity and enable you to monitor applications from remote locations with VNC connectivity. Click here to see the variety of sizes, options, and features available.

Section 2). Automation & Pneumatics Applications

Actuator Lurch Prevention Soft Start Valve 3136 NewsletterMachine safety is important, and incidents have been reported due to sudden cylinder rod extensions, i.e. “Actuator Lurch”. Use of proper control valves with cylinder speed control function and a fixed throttle can help prevent accidents. Make yourself aware of all the safety options offered by SMC USA

Drop PreventionIn an automated system, a “drop” can impact your product, the machine, the system and possibly even shut down a line. SMC has numerous solutions for load drop prevention. Learn about them here

IZS31 Bar Type IonizerBar ionizers generate a curtain of static eliminating ions effective for a distance up to 2000mm / 6.5 ft. The IZS31 can be operated with feedback sensor for the most rapid static elimination, or the auto balance sensor for a neutral environment with high accuracy. SMC offers configuration and documentation for the available cartridges and run modes, here.

Section 3). Automation Partner Solutions

UPD Uninterruptible Power for Drives from BonitronBonitron Sag UPD (Uninterruptible Power for Drives) Solutions are the cost-effective way to make sure your critical process never sees power disturbances from voltage sags. Click here to review voltage and power options for your equipment

IntraVUE Network Management Software from PanduitIntraVUE software helps you easily identify and resolve issues with your Ethernet network and associated devices. It offers an option for those individuals who are not network experts to respond to issues quickly and effectively. This cost-effective solution is being used in over 2,500 networks worldwide, learn more here

BOA Spot Vision Sensors from Teledyne DalsaThe new BOA™ Spot vision family of sensors provide a low-cost and easy-to-integrate vision solution for quality inspections on the factory floor. Take a look at how these sensors can improve your quality and lowers your manufacturing costs.

Section 4). Training and Commercial Events

Newsletter Automation Fair 2016Automation Fair® is the ideal event to discover how The Connected Enterprise can help you achieve faster time to market, optimize your assets, and lower your total cost of ownership. SAVE THE DATE: The 2016 event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 9th and 10th

Computer-Based TrainingSelf-paced, self-directed, computer-based training courses will help you acquire and retain new skills at an accelerated rate, giving you more time on the plant floor and less time in the classroom. Rockwell Automation’s computer-based training courses provide engaging, interactive features that enhance your learning experience. Check out the full offering here

Training ClassesWe have recently been adding a variety of training events to our website – classroom, seminar, webinar and more. Browse our complete list of training classes and events now.

Section 5). Whitepapers & Design Tools

Tips for Deploying EtherNetIPDeploying an EtherNet/IP network can give food and beverage manufacturers flexibility, visibility and efficiency to boost production and meet changing demands. Price fluctuations and changes in consumer tastes, developments in technology, and the implications of a global marketplace… keep reading 

Find Harmony between Energy Costs and Energy ManagementNo one can escape volatile, escalating energy prices, and that makes it a priority for manufacturers to find a way to measure and optimize energy use. See how to apply the best practices to integrate energy management with control and save up to 20% on energy costs… keep reading 

Motion Analyzer SoftwareMotion Analyzer software is a comprehensive motion-application sizing tool used for analysis, optimization, selection and validation of your Kinetix® motion control system. This software facilitates the machine design process, letting you quickly design and validate new machine concepts without purchasing or installing physical equipment. Start using these tools now

New Rockwell Literature LibraryNow it’s easier than ever to find the Rockwell Automation literature you’re looking for. The new and improved website has been crafted to help improve your access to technical and commercial publications. New functions and search options have been implemented to help you find what you need in a few simple clicks. Start searching today

KnowledgebaseKnowledgebase provides detailed answers to your Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley questions. Hardware, software, PLCs, drives, applications and more. This resource can be found here. Users should bookmark this page for future use.

Section 6).Product Obsolescence

700H AC DrivesRockwell Automation has announced that as of June 2016, the PowerFlex 700H AC Drives will be discontinued and no longer available for sale. To support your transition, we recommend migrating to the PowerFlex 755 AC drive. PowerFlex 755 AC drives are available in a comprehensive range of power ratings and enclosure types providing an ideal replacement to support most PowerFlex 700H installations. For more information, see the Migration Profile.