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  1. Rockwell Automation Technology
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Section 1). Rockwell Automation Technology

Enhancing Automation Safety with Light Curtains Light curtains are a proven safety measure for many industrial applications. Traditional safety light curtains are based on separate transmitter and receiver units. New 450L GuardShield Safety Light Curtains offer unmatched flexibility. Each interchangeable transceiver can operate as a transmitter or receiver. How?

GuardShield light curtains are unlike traditional safety light curtains.
They feature innovative technology. As a user, you simply:

  1. Enhancing Automation Safety with Light Curtains Insert a plug-in module into the bottom of each transceiver
  2. Once powered up, the transceiver learns its functionality from the plug-in module
  3. It begins operating as a transmitter or receiver

It really is quite easy. Learn more about how your set up time and your configuration costs can be greatly reduced with this new technology.

Improving Productivity with PowerFlex 755T DrivesYour investment is significant. The application is crucial, and improving productivity is essential. You need to find the right AC drive to help optimize assets and make good use of valuable time to achieve your goals. That is why Rockwell Automation developed the PowerFlex® 755T drives. These new additions to the PowerFlex family have been built to help you save time, reduce costs, and keep your machine up and running.

PowerFlex 755T drives are designed to provide harmonic mitigation, regeneration, and common bus solutions that help reduce energy costs, add flexibility, and increase productivity. These are the first drives to offer TotalFORCE™ technology which uses several patented features that were developed to help optimize your system.

**Be sure to check out this short (2-minute) video on the new technology inside PowerFlex 755T Drives

Bulletin 5069 CompactLogix 5380 ControllersBulletin 5069 CompactLogix 5380 Controllers are ideal for applications in the midrange space that require high-performance communications, I/O, and motion control for up to 32 axes. They are ideal for small to mid-size applications that require low axis motion and I/O point counts.

  • Enables high-speed I/O, motion control, and Device Level Ring/Linear Topologies
  • Includes dual configurable ports that supports Dual IP address
  • Offers enhanced security features which include digitally-signed controller firmware, controller-based change detection, and logging and role-based access control to routines and Add-On Instructions

Learn more about how CompactLogix 5380 Controllers provide up to 20% increased capacity.

Secure Connectivity Network Switch Stratix 2500Do you have network connectivity applications that require diagnostics and security? You need a unique solution for higher productivity and improved network reliability. Stratix 2500 lightly managed switches offer a solution where traditional unmanaged switches lack the ability to provide diagnostics and security.  Stratix switches also allow for logical segmentation in a single switch which will reduce the total number of switches needed. Learn more: Bulletin 1783 Stratix® 2500 Lightly Managed Switches.

Improve Functional Safety Lifeline Cable Pull SwitchesCable pull safety guards connect a steel wire rope connected to latching pull switches. When you pull on the rope in any direction at any point along its length, you will trip the switch to stop the machine power. This is a great bit of safety protection for a variety of applications including material handling, food and beverage, and many harsh environments.

  • Do you need to support long (up to 100 m) cable spans?
  • Does your environment require rugged stainless steel (IP69K) or die cast aluminum (IP66) housings?
  • Have you explored options for optional e-stop buttons with your cable pull systems?

440E Lifeline™ 5 Cable Pull Switches can help you and your team with each of those applications challenges. These devices are a fundamental requirement for emergency situations. Bulletin 440E Lifeline™ 5 Cable Pull Switches are microprocessor-based devices that bring advanced features and diagnostics that help enhance safety and improve productivity.  

Bulletin 2198 Encoder Output ModuleAutomated systems can sometimes have a variety of subsystems from separate design groups and featuring product from different manufacturers. An encoder output module synchronizes devices to your integrated motion on EtherNet/IP system. Check out the Bulletin 2198 Encoder Output Module:

  • In-cabinet installation eliminates the need to mount encoders on the machine
  • Can sync to any axis of motion, real or virtual
  • Ideal for use with Kinetix® and PowerFlex® drives.

Get your machines talking. Quickly and correctly.


Section 2). Automation Partner Solutions

Motion High Force RSA Electric Rod Actuators TolomaticYou need your motion application to be precise and you need to maintain accuracy. Sometimes you need to combine precision and accuracy with high forces. The RSA line of electric rod actuators offers high performance, high force, dependability and mounting flexibility. They provide a cost-effective solution for a multitude of motion control applications.
  • 6 frame sizes
  • Strokes up to 60”
  • Forces up to 4,000 lbs
  • Forces up to to 13,000 lbs with the HT version*
  • Roller, Ball, and  Acme screw choices
  • Guided Units (GSA)
  • Your Motor Here compatible

*HT version: Additionally, the RSA line of electric rod actuators offer a new “High Thrust” option. These types of components would typically have required custom modification to increase forces. You now have availability to these problem-solvers as a standard item.

EtherNet/IP Allen Bradley Remote I/O Gateway ProSoftAre you considering a modernization? The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO Gateway is designed to help customers initiate a phased migration approach to replacing or upgrading legacy Remote I/O PLCs, HMI’s, Drives or Flex I/O Adapters. These solutions can be achieved by selecting the corresponding operation mode during initial configuration. The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO has a built-in web server that can display diagnostics data, configuration, upload configuration files, and set the operation mode.
Universal I/O Spectrum ControlsMix and match analog input types on virtually every major Rockwell Automation PLC system! 1794 FLEX™ I/O high-performance specialty I/O is designed for the FLEX™ I/O platform. The 1794sc-IF8IU Input Module provides eight channels of fully isolated, universal, analog capability for noisy environments. Maximize rack space without compromising price or performance by replacing dedicated analog input, thermocouple, and RTD modules with one universal module. Mix and match eight channels of voltage, current, or thermocouple, or four channels of RTD/resistance. The 1794sc-IF8IU supports 28 individually programmable input types with open circuit detection and high/low alarms for each channel.

Need support for this type of product? Contact us today. 


Section 3). Training and Commercial Events

Automation Fair—Ideal for automation industry professionals—Why attend?

Don’t miss the 2017 Automation Fair® event at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. The Automation Fair event is the premier automation training event in North America offering hands-on labs, demonstration workshops, technical sessions, industry forums and so much more. The Automation Fair® event is presented by Rockwell Automation®. Let us simplify your planning with one of our convenient travel package options. Last year, our travel packages SOLD OUT early, secure your travel package today.

Automation Fair 2017
November 15-16, 2017

Process Solutions User Group (PSUG)
November 13-14, 2017

Automation Perspectives
November 14, 2017

Whether you are trying to meet certification standards, help protect workers, or reduce downtime – Rockwell Automation® Arc Flash Studies provide an effective means to evaluate and inform employees on arc flash hazards of your live electrical components.

Existing Systems = Yes,  New Equipment = Yes,  Modified Equipment= Yes

Arc Flash Studies are designed to meet arc flash regulatory requirements, provide visibility to hazard exposure so an informed decision on how to help protect employees can be made, and to keep equipment performing as intended.

Increase Safety Arc Flash Studies StudyHow does it work? Engineers create a detailed arc flash analysis report:

  • This report will include a Protective Device Coordination (PDC) study
  • This report will include a short circuit current study
  • The team will make recommendations to reduce arc flash hazards
  • The team will make recommendations to help correct over duty equipment

Learn more with detailed information on professional arc flash study services.

Industrial Networking Specialist TrainingThe demand for skilled professionals who understand the exchange between IT and OT is increasing. Rockwell Automation, in collaboration with Strategic Alliance partner Cisco®, offers Industrial Networking Specialist and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Industrial training and certification. Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS) and Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies (IMINS2) classes are designed for IT and OT professionals who are responsible for the implementation, administration, and support of networked industrial infrastructure.


Section 4). Whitepapers and Design Tools

LOTO lockout tagout safety proceduresAlternatives to traditional lockout tagout safety procedures can help improve productivity and reduce incentives for maintenance personnel to bypass this process. Are you aware of the OSHA Minor Servicing Exception?

If you are interested in learning more about these alternatives, please check out this article. It is written by George Schuster from Rockwell Automation, an industry expert. The article originally appeared in The Journal from Rockwell Automation.

IBE Installed Base EvaluationsHow are you reviewing and analyzing the condition of your critical plant assets? A Rockwell Automation® Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) will help you make data-driven decisions regarding the support of your assets.

  • What assets are essential? Make your high-performing equipment a priority
  • Lifecycle information – What’s current, outdated or obsolete?
  • Critical spare parts: the right parts, in the right place, at the right time

An IBE creates a plant hierarchy model for your facility, with terminology and plant descriptions that are meaningful to you. Watch this 5-minute video to learn how actionable intelligence about equipment and replacement parts can influence your bottom line.

modernizing PLC5 PLC-5 PLC 5 SLC5Are you modernizing your facility? Do you and your team have questions like “Which PLC5 and SLC5 versions are compatible with ProSoft Ethernet/IP solutions?” See the answer here.  Horizon Solutions and ProSoft are proven partners for connectivity and modernization projects.

–Do you face unknown territory with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

–Does your equipment rely on dissimilar automation control equipment to share information and transfer critical control data?

You need experience and expertise. We can assist. Our team has the specialized knowledge of protocols and communications architecture to help make your modernization a success. Contact us today.

Virtual Plant Tour PanduitA rapid influx of smart equipment and connected devices that can communicate on an industrial Ethernet network is enabling manufacturers to understand the performance of their machines and processes like never before. Yet equally important to ‘what’ is being connected is ‘how’ it’s being connected within industrial automation. New technologies are enabling manufacturers to manage their infrastructure, deploy devices and share information in new ways.

Learn how INfrastructure solutions can simplify robust industrial network and IIoT deployment when you take A virtual INfrastructure plant tour with Panduit.

Electric ActuatorsDoes your equipment use hydraulic cylinders? Are you experiencing difficulty with spare parts, poor efficiencies, and lack of precision? Electric actuators can often be an excellent replacement for hydraulic cylinders while offering you substantial “total cost of ownership” savings. Does a replacement make sense for you? Tolomatic has provided this useful guide which factors in speed, acceleration, force control, repeatability and other elements to help you make a well-informed decision.