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Section 1). Rockwell Automation Technology

Are you designing machine safety systems? Bulletin 450L GuardShield™ POC safety light curtains are a great option for factory floor safety. POC = Point of Operation Control. Unlike traditional safety light curtains, which are based on separate transmitter and receiver units, these 450L GuardShield transceiver can be used as a transmitter or receiver. Learn more about the innovative functionality here.
Are you already using safety light curtains in your machinery? This recent blog post from Austin will help you calculate a safe stop distance for your system.

  • Workers must be protected from dangerous interactions with machines
  • Calculating the minimum safe mounting distance is vital to ensure worker safety

What is a safe stop distance? Too little is bad, as it is truly unsafe. Too much is bad, as excessive mounting distances use up valuable floor space and can increase the time required to service machinery, which in turn reduces throughput. So, what is correct?

Pretty much, Ds = [K x (Ts + Tc + Tr)] + Dpf.
Interested? Let Austin explain. Watch the HOW TO video here.

Safety Light Curtain 450L Guardshield POC Demonstration Video Blog Automation eNewsletter newsletter

Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Smart Industry. Is your company embracing this mindset? Intelligent devices make up smart connected systems. With the information that you receive from smart motor control devices, you can make smart and informed decisions.
The Allen-Bradley portfolios of PowerFlex® variable frequency drives, Kinetix® servo drives and CENTERLINE® motor control centers offer smart motor control solutions for any application with requirements for speed, torque or positioning control. Learn more about:

  1. PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drives
  2. Kinetix Servo Drives

Intelligent Motor Control Drives MCC Array Automation eNewsletter newsletter

Smart motor control can provide a competitive advantage to you and your company. Start reducing your design time, stay connected to plant operations and be more productive.

Micro850® Programmable Logic Controller Systems from Rockwell Automation are designed for larger stand-alone machine control applications that require flexible communications and greater I/O capabilities. These controllers support up to 132 I/O points with high performance I/O, interrupts, and PTO motion plus embedded Ethernet and 2085 expansion I/O.

Micro850 & PanelView 800 TrainingIs a Micro850 controller system the right size for your applications? Will it provide the necessary amount of flexibility and modularity?

  • Yes. Supports up to five Micro800® Plug-in Modules
  • Yes. Supports up to four Micro850® Expansion I/O Modules, up to 132 I/O points
  • Yes. 24-point and 48-point controllers are available 

Micro 850 controller systems communicate via EtherNet/IP™ and offer embedded communications via:

  1. USB programming port, and
  2. Non-isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485 communications), and
  3. Ethernet port

Want to learn more about network communications with automation controllers? This blog post from Dan highlights protocols, third party modules, native protocol support, and provides a chart of what is “built in” to the PLC product (including Micro850 and a variety of others). 

931 series Signal Conditioners signal isolators transmittersHorizon Solutions is an Authorized Rockwell Automation® Distributor and from time to time we highlight an item where someone recently told us “I didn’t know you did that!”

Today our “Did You Know” highlight is the 931 series Signal Conditioners, which are also commonly referred to an “signal isolators” or “transmitters”. The 931 series offers a broad line of High Density (931H), Standard (931S), and Universal (931U) options.

These products provide isolation and conversion solutions for current, voltage, and temperature (thermocouples and RTDs) signals. Our team can help you with isolation and conversion applications in your electrical equipment and control panels. Contact us today. 

ControlLogix L8 5580 Controller Logix Automation eNewsletter newsletterThe new L8 ControlLogix 5580 Controllers provide increased performance, capacity, productivity, and security to help meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing. These controllers are ideal for applications requiring high-performance communications, I/O, and motion control for up to 256 axes, and provide increased capacity of up to 45%. Includes a 1 gigabit (Gb) embedded Ethernet port that enables high-speed communications, I/O, and motion control.

Are you asking yourself, right now “Uh, what exactly is Logix?” When we talk about Logix (ControlLogix, CompactLogix,e tc) we are talking about programmable logic controllers as well as related software. These systems use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide high performance in an easy-to-use platform.

Would you be interested in learning more about Logix best practices? Check out the What You Need to Know About Learning Logix blog and podcast. This 12-part series teaches experienced and new users of ControlLogix® controller systems how to use our controllers and software for maximum benefits.

Section 2). Automation Partner Solutions

Are you working in a food/beverage plant? ERD stainless steel (SS) electric actuators are IP69k rated and are washdown ready.
It’s just that easy.

IP69K Stainless Steel Electric Actuators ERD Tolomatic Automation eNewsletter newsletterThis is of interest to those beyond food/beverage as well. Any plant with washdown, chemicals, and/or other caustic agents will have a need for SS enclosed motors. The ERD-SS2 family from Tolomatic offers a stainless steel electric actuator with integrated motor to lower your overall cost and to simplify machine design.

In your plant you have people and you have machines. IPDisplays™ offers a variety of ways to instantly provide your plant employees with real-time, critical information about the machines they operate. If you need to display vital diagnostic information, plant data, and production statistics you can learn about modern factory floor solutions here.

  • IPDisplays Wallboard Reader Board LED Display Automation eNewsletter newsletterLED Displays
  • LCD Displays
  • Wallboards
  • Reader Boards
  • Smart, Web-Based Displays
  • Server Free Displays
  • Dynamic, Multi-Color, Plug & Play

The key with any display or sign is that you disseminate that information directly to the people who need to see it the most. The workers on your production floor. IPDisplays™  helps you do exactly that.


Universal Spectrum Controls 1734 Point IO Module Input Output Analog Automation eNewsletter newsletterCombining analog inputs from current, voltage, and RTD with dedicated analog I/O presents some challenges. The 1734 POINT I/O™ family from Spectrum Controls simplifies your installation by replacing dedicated analog I/O modules with a single universal module. You can mix and match input types to maximize rack space and reduce your analog I/O module count.

–Use any combination of input types at one time
–Individually programmable for each channel
–UL/cUL Listed ANSI ISA 12.12.01 (Class I, Div 2, Groups ABCD), CE
–Catalog Number: 1734sc-IF4U; Product Family: 1734 POINT I/O

Are you already a user of Rockwell Automation technologies? The1734 POINT I/O™ module comes with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you. Easily combine analog inputs from current, voltage, RTD without compromising price or performance. 

Section 3). Upcoming Training Events

Mark your calendar – the 2018 Rockwell Automation Fair Event will be held November 14th and 15th in Philadelphia!
Learn about new products and technologies from Rockwell Automation and members of the PartnerNetwork through exhibitor booths, forums, technical sessions and hands-on labs.

Registration for travel packages with Horizon Solutions are available on our website now. Don’t delay – we have a limited number of packages available and this highly anticipated event will sell out.

Rockwell Automation Fairs Booths Overview Training Automation eNewsletter newsletter

Horizon Solutions is offering a unique thermal imaging and infrared camera training event.

  • Location: Horizon Solutions, Rochester, NY
  • August 20th – 23rd (4 days)
  • Learn more and register

This course is focused on using thermal imaging and measurement for industrial applications. Students will learn how to use IR cameras to collect quality data, how to account for distance and emissivity, and how to analyze and interpret thermal images.

ITC is the world leader in IR thermography training. This course is designed for new users of infrared cameras and includes comprehensive hands-on training. ITC is registered with ISO-9001 and accredited by NETA in IR thermography training and is also an IACET-authorized CEU provider. Learn more and register 

FactoryTalk Machine Edition CCV209 Automation eNewsletter newsletterDo you need to maintain and troubleshoot FactoryTalk View Machine Edition (ME) applications? Are your automated applications running on PanelView Plus terminals? If yes, the CCV209-A course is a great fit.

  • Course CCV209-A
  • FactoryTalk® View ME Software and PanelView™ Plus Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Location: Horizon Solutions, Elmira, NY
  • Dates: July 31 @ 8:00 am – August 1 @ 5:00 pm (2 days)
  • Learn more and register

This course provides opportunities for students to work with both the hardware and software. During class, students will gain the hands-on skills required to prepare a PanelView Plus terminal for operation. Students will also work with FactoryTalk View ME software and RSLinx Enterprise software and will practice downloading FactoryTalk View ME applications to a PanelView Plus terminal. Learn more and register. 

The 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED EventA few weeks ago, hundreds of folks traveled to San Diego to attend the 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED Event. The event was held June 10th – 15th and it was a week full of training, education, and learning opportunities. More than 185 unique sessions were offered! If you couldn’t make it to San Diego, Marcia has shared some of what she learned in a recent blog post.

What is TechED? Rockwell Automation TechED is an annual event. It is typically held in either San Diego or Orlando, alternating locales. It is a full week of training opportunities ranging from beginner to advance level content. The training opportunities are focused (mostly, but not exclusively) on factory automation & process control and include hands-on labs, technical sessions, and more.

Are you thinking about attending TechED in 2019?  The 2019 Rockwell Automation TechED event will be held June 2nd through 7th in Orlando, Florida. Using the field below, provide your email to let Horizon Solutions know you are “Interested” in TechED 2019. There is no commitment to attend.

Workplace Safety TrainingHorizon Solutions is very excited to announce a brand-new training opportunity.

  • Course CCP250, Logix5000 Programmer Certificate Training
  • **Please note; there are prerequisites for this course
  • Location: Horizon Solutions, Holyoke, MA
  • Dates: August 13th – 17th (4-1/2 day classroom style)
  • Learn more and register

This accelerated course is for individuals who can quickly learn and apply Logix5000™ concepts, terminology, hardware, and the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® programming environment. Students will quickly move from these early concepts to using producer/ consumer technology and messages to multicast input and output devices, share data between controllers, and control remote I/O.

This course prepares students for the Accelerated Logix5000 Programmer Certificate Course Level 1 certificate exam, which is included in the course price. Learn more and register.

**Horizon Solutions is also offering CCP300 in 2018. CCP300 is an accelerated Logix5000 Maintainer Certificate Level 1 training course with included certificate exam.

Section 4). Design Tools, Whitepapers, Blog Posts

Is Modernization Right for You, Right Now?

If you and your team are asking questions like “Should I upgrade this automated system?” or “How much longer can we get it to work?” then you might be thinking about an upgrade or about modernization. Garry’s blog post discusses quite a few relevant topics:

  • The difference between a “Modernization” and an “Upgrade”
  • What changing consumer demand means to a manufacturer
  • Analyzing manufacturing data & process improvements

It’s a good read, and the post links out to further discussion of Smart Manufacturing and the digital transformation. 

EH&S (Environmental Health and Safety) professionals may all agree that employee safety is a top priority for their company. They may also realize that automation technology – including machine safety equipment – can deliver positive, business-enhancing benefits for EH&S programs when effectively implemented.

This white paper from Rockwell Automation was written by George Schuster, a Functional Safety Expert. You can access the 5-page PDF here. Depending on your browser, you may have to scroll down a bit. The document covers:

  1. Safety Compliance
  2. Risk Assessments (formal)
  3. Overall Hazard awareness and mitigation
  4. The steps of a Risk Assessment process
  5. Hierarchy of Risk Reduction Measures 

You can use Integrated Architecture Builder to layout and validate control systems, and generate proposals and BOMs that provide your control system’s details. The tool provides advanced selection assistance and a graphical interface for designing systems. Those systems can include products communicating over networks like Ethernet/IP and subsystems that have components sharing a common backplane like PLCs. You can add I/O, networks, drives, on-machine cabling and wiring, motion control, and other devices to your system.

Want to learn more? This 5-minute video explains what Integrated Architecture Builder is and how it can help.

Integrated Architecture Builder Video Preview IAB Automation eNewsletter newsletter

Want to get started? Product Selection Toolbox is a collection of tools, that includes ProposalWorks, Integrated Architecture Builder, MCS Star, and more! Download the Toolbox now.  This will prompt you to download PSTInsall.exe file, 1.26 GB in file size (large file size) 

Inventory Assurance keeps your equipment up and running

A common occurrence in the storeroom (or, storerooms) of any industrial facility is questioning the reliability of a part. An old box, an opened box. Have any of these happened to you?

  1. You find the part you need, but it is out of the box. The seal is broken.
    You ask, “Is this a good part or is it the bad one that was brought back to the storeroom?”
  2. You find the part you need, but there is no “paperwork” for age or testing.
    Maybe that part will work. We don’t know. It’s covered in dust, so…
  3. There’s a oil-stained brown box with a handwritten sticky note saying “Good Part”

It’s a common enough problem and Dave discusses some solutions in his blog post. When your plant has a failure, you rely on your storeroom inventory to get your equipment back up and running. Having reliable spare parts available on your storeroom shelves is critical to keeping your machines up and running.