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Section 1). Rockwell Automation Technology

Half of all unplanned downtime results from aging equipment. Equipment can use parts that range from “readily available” to “discontinued” and “no longer manufactured”. 18% of current installed base has been identified as discontinued.

Do you know the lifecycle status of your production equipment?
Do you want to learn more?

An Automation Lifecycle Analysis can help you be proactive and keep your plant running efficiently.

ThePanelView™ 5510 graphic terminal was designed for OEMs and end users who require a high degree of integration between their HMI and controller.

Being previewed at the 2018 Automation Fair event

  • Wide range of display sizes from7″ to 19″ with wide screen, touch, and keypad options.
  • EtherNet/IP with DLR and embedded switch technology supports ring topology for network fault tolerance and reduced downtime.
  • A physical navigation button on the terminal easily displays information.
  • Both AC and DC power options offer application flexibility.
  • Learn more about this overall product family here 

Connectivity has become vital to success. You need to be able to access your raw production data and turn it into useful information to drive decisions. And you need smart technologies that can help you better understand your operations, enforce workflows, optimize asset utilization and improve collaboration.

Do you have questions about Industrial Networking services? Horizon Solutions offers Industrial Networking, Information Infrastructure, and Security services. Data collection has become essential tool for success in today’s modern manufacturing plant. However, most industrial networks are not properly optimized. A Network Assessment is the first step towards optimizing your manufacturing plant networks.

What is in involved with a Network Assessment? Our team will help you understand the condition of your existing IT and OT assets, and identify and remediate potential performance and security issues. Depending on your exact needs, it will include:

  • Security assessments
  • Defense-in-depth protective measures
  • Monitoring and threat detection
  • Response action plans
  • Backup and recovery

The 42AF RightSight™ M30 family of photoelectric sensors offers long range and high-performance general-purpose sensing in a robust, easy to install flexible mounting package. These sensors are ideal for applications where simplified installation and maintenance are required. RightSight™ M30 sensors can be mounted against a surface or can be installed using the threaded 18mm base mounting options..

Being previewed at the 2018 Automation Fair event

  • Wide Transmitted Beam (80m) and Polarized Retroreflective(10m) Sensing Modes
  • Dual Auto PNP/NPN
  • IP67 1,200 PSI and IP69k rated enclosure
  • Embedded IO-Link 1.1 communications protocol offered in all sensing modes enables customers to access enhanced diagnostic feature
  • Learn more about this overall product family here

Electrical Supplies Contractor ConstructionAre you under constant pressure to drive productivity and minimize downtime? You are not alone. Whether you need technical support, on-site engineering help, or worker training, we have you covered with TechConnect.

Our data-driven, outcome-based industrial maintenance services can provide the specific support to help you maximize productivity, minimize operational risk, and meet your business goals.

A TechConnect Support agreement gives you and your company access to the Support Center, Training Advisor, and webinars. Included services include but are not limited to: maintaining software, real-time telephone support, product support (discrete hardware, basic programming and communication software), self-assist support (intended for experienced engineers), emergency backup of programs, as well as patch and update recommendations.

Never heard of TechConnect?

The Value of TechConnect Support Contract

**Additionally, a TechConnect Support contract gives you complimentary access to Training Advisor. This eNewsletter discusses Training Advisor below, scroll down to Section 3). Training. 

Section 2). Automation Partner Solutions

Hubbell’s new 30A Circuit-Lock Disconnect with integral phase indication LEDs redefines the benchmark for safety by providing insight into the enclosure while in use.

  • LEDs indicators provide electrical status of each phase, clearly displayed on the cover
  • Available in non-metallic and stainless-steel versions, with or without a jog switch
  • IP69k rating means that it can withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns

Six highly visible LEDs (3 line side/3 load side) display the electrical status of the switch by phase. This voltage detection feature significantly improves existing safety and maintenance procedures by visually providing critical information, such as a welded contact or dropped phase, to personnel prior to removing the enclosure cover.

The power of space!!! The revolutionary Bussmann series Compact Circuit Protector (CCP2) for Class CF Low-Peak CUBEFuse delivers the smallest footprint compared to any Class J disconnect solution — requiring up to 51% less space.

The CCP2 is a UL 98 Listed fused, branch-circuit disconnect that packs up to a 200 kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR) at 600 V to help increase equipment SCCR. These high ratings and compact design make the CCP2 ideal for industrial control panels, machinery and HVAC applications. 

Horizon Solutions is an nVent HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center. What does that mean? It means we have the highly skilled staff and the CNC equipment in house to modify electrical enclosures and control panels. For you, as a user of enclosures, you can:

  • Eliminate time-consuming and costly manual modification methods
  • Reduce production costs and lead times
  • Compete better on bids and offer faster turnaround times for your customers
  • Get the custom enclosures you need, when you need them

Steinhauer ModCenter: The Automated Edge for Control Panel Builders. Through our partnership with nVent HOFFMAN, Horizon Solutions provides an unsurpassed automated solution for custom control panel builders. Have questions about what sizes and materials we can handle? This page provides you with much more detail.

The Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway from eWON/HMS. It supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of distant industrial equipment. Some gateway basics:

  1. eWON Flexy 205 Remote Access routers offer easy and fully secure remote access
  2. Compatible with major PLC brands & protocols
  3. Includes: data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and more
  4. Machine Builders can remotely access their machines, monitor and collect data
  5. Perform predictive maintenance and troubleshoot machines as if you were on site

What about OPC-UA and MQTT? OPC-UA (UA = Unified Architecture) is a machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation. MQTT is an ISO standard publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol. It works on top of the TCP/IP protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations where a “small code footprint” is required or the network bandwidth is limited. The key takeaway is: eWON Flexy 205 now supports OPC-UA and MQTT. If you use those protocols, you can learn more here.

Manufacturing companies can experience multiple power outages per year. When power goes out – production stops. Even short power “blips” can cause downtime, waiting 3 minutes or more for network or control equipment to restart costing companies thousands of dollars per power interruption. Add this up, and you can see cost savings of $8,000 a year or more by using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Ordinary Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions rely on batteries; if your UPS battery fails, your risk of downtime goes up. Batteries require maintenance, adding operating and overhead expenses (inspections, testing, replacement and disposal).

The Panduit Industrial UPS uses Ultracapacitors instead of batteries, eliminating the #1 cause of UPS failures which, in turn, lowers the risk of downtime. This device is a unique 24V in / 24V out power supply.

  • The return-on-investment is up to two times better than an ordinary UPS
  • The cost of ownership is 50 to 70% lower than an ordinary UPS.

Already a user of Rockwell Automatino products? Easy remote device management uses standard web browsers and FactoryTalk® interoperability.

*Designed specifically for capping in the pharmaceutical industry. The new PR02 motor series is characterized by a new design in which the motors, including additional components, are integrated in a slim housing.

In addition to the linear and the rotary motor, options such as a magnetic spring “MagSpring” or a torque sensor can also be installed. The MagSpring ensures that the weight force of the moving load is passively compensated and retracted up in the event of power loss. The torque sensor enables precise, reproducible and recordable capping processes as are often required in the pharmaceutical industry. With the new design, the user benefits from the shortened installation length of the entire unit and the hygienic design with surfaces that are easy to clean. 

Section 3). Upcoming Training Events

Automation Fair 2018Regular readers of this eNewsletter may already know that the 2018 Automation Fair® event will be held in Philadelphia, PA the week of November 12th. The Automation Fair event is a multi-day event combining all hands-on training, industry networking, and a trade show event.

Why attend? Users attend the Automation Fair event to learn about achieving faster time to markets, optimizing their assets, and lowering their total cost of ownership. The event features dozens of hands-on labs, technical sessions and forums – attendees will also be able to see the newest innovations and solutions in over 150 exhibits from Rockwell Automation and PartnerNetwork members.

Horizon Solutions offers group event packages to make it easy for our customers to attend. You can learn about those event packages here.

Ready to attend? For all attendees there are two required actions:

  1. STEP 1). Attendees must register for an event package with Horizon Solutions
  2. STEP 2). Attendees must register for the session builder with Rockwell Automation
    This covers your personal hour-by-hour agenda of hands on labs, technical sessions and so forth


Interested but still have questions? Contact us at

PSUG EventPSUG – Process Solutions User Group – is a unique opportunity to discover ways to achieve process automation excellence. Attendees will benefit from an interactive multi-day training event to gain greater insight into the latest process automation technologies.

PSUG is part of the larger Automation Fair® event presented by Rockwell Automation. Let Marcia walk you through some of the details

Automation eNews Newsletter TrainingWhere do you start for a workforce development and training strategy? Horizon Solutions and Rockwell Automation offer Training Advisor to help you take the first steps to developing your workforce. Training Advisor allows you to customize online assessments based on job tasks that are performed specifically by your workforce.

Ready to get started?

  1. Training Advisor is already included with any TechConnect™ Support contract that has a minimum level of Product Support or higher coverage
  2. Already have a TechConnect account? Don’t know for sure? Check with us
  3. Already have a Training Advisor account? Log in here
  4. You can also create a new account. You’ll need an Authorization Number. The Horizon Solutions RSS Team can assist you with those steps.

The Horizon Solutions RSS Team is available Monday–Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Call 877-390-8511


The need for talented new employees has taken on greater importance as older workers retire and new technologies require new skills. A clear workforce development and training strategy can help you mitigate workforce challenges. The Training Advisor methodology is to (1) assess, (2) train, (3) apply, and (4) measure. Our team can help you do this.


There are many users of automation systems out there who know that (1) training is important and (2) actually getting people to training can be challenging. For those users, we recommend Virtual Training, AKA Virtual Classrooms.

Virtual Training & Virtual Classrooms

  1. These classes are available from Rockwell Automation
  2. Provide an opportunity for workers to limit their time physically away from work
  3. Virtual classrooms are live time, active instructor-led courses
  4. Designed to give students interactive training experiences through WebEx technology

All the benefits of classroom instruction, straight from your desktop

  • **Ideal for when an employee cannot travel for an extended period of time
  • **Ideal for if/when training budgets are limited

Automation eNewsletter RSS Classroom TrainingYou need training courses that are applicable to your machines, your applications, and your team. Horizon Solutions offers classroom style training courses for exactly that.

Take a moment and browse our offering.

Our 2018-2019 schedule can be found at Please bookmark that page. As new courses are added throughout the year, those opportunities will appear in our dynamic listings.

Don’t see the exact training content you want?

Let us know what you need. We can offer custom/tailored training solutions.

Section 4). Design Tools, videos, Blog Posts

This is a technical blog post that gets deep into the what and how of tuningless servo drives. You may also consider your servo drives as “Motion Controllers”. Before we get into motion applications and WHAT IS tuningless, let’s get a standard definition of tuning:

Closed-loop servo systems require settings for the control loop gain and filter values to make sure that the load accurately follows the desired input-command signal. The process of adjusting and refining the gain and filter configuration is called tuning.

Do you use closed-loop servo systems? Are you dealing with gain, and filters, and command signals every day? If so, take a few moments and read Andy’s blog. He discusses mechanical considerations, proper selection, belt style actuators, transmissions, couplings, screw actuators, gearboxes, and more the planner level, maintain control of move profiles (position, velocity, acceleration, deceleration) base action.

Horizon Solutions has been championing the use of thermography and thermal imaging in industrial applications for many years now. One new and interesting application we wanted to make you aware of regards the use of drones in thermography and thermal imaging. The team at FLIR has a multi-part video series called FLIR DELTA. Check out Episode 1: Thermal 101 for Drone Pilots here:

Drone use is certainly intended for outdoor applications, building rooftops, HVAC, heat transfer, and solar systems. It can also apply to your facility electrical and automated systems. Horizon Solutions is certainly excited to help you and your team learn more in this space.

Onsite dispatch of experienced Field Service Engineers

Rockwell Automation now offers Emergency Onsite Services as an add-on to your existing TechConnect agreement. Rely on emergency onsite services with our comprehensive infrastructure of phone and web-based support from Rockwell engineers with extensive industry experience.

Organized by product specialty and by location, our support professionals are on call to make sure that your plant is always up and running. Available for Product, System and Application Support customers. Learn more here. 

Learn how the VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester (AVT) minimizes risk…

VeriSafe is the first-of-its-kind voltage tester that determines the absence of voltage with just a push of a button. This revolutionary 2018 NFPA 70E compliant product automates the required six-step testing process in about ten seconds, enabling your plant to operate faster, safer, and more efficiently.

This technical video shows you how it works and how to install the device, complete with continuity test and the “test the tester” functionality.