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Horizon Solutions Energy Services

Reap the benefits of greener energy

Green isn’t just a buzz word—energy upgrades save money and reduce costs. The energy division of Horizon Solutions is a design-build energy solutions provider that has the ability to secure the maximum incentives available to meet your sustainability and targeted return on investment goals.

By increasing energy efficiency, you can:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduce and avoid maintenance costs
  • Enjoy sustainable, long-lasting improvements
  • Create a better, more comfortable environment
  • Increase safety
  • Give productivity a boost
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction

Proven results

“The new LED lighting system you designed and installed by 13 volunteers from the IBEW Local 139, yielded a $2,788 energy rebate from NYSEG and will reduce electricity consumption by approximately $3,000/year, thus yielding a payback of less than 1 year.”
Kurt E. Groeger, President,
Friends of Camp Gorton


Solutions to meet your needs

We service a variety of entities and industries, designing solutions that will address each segments’ unique challenges and meet their specific needs.

  • Commercial

    We have helped hundreds of businesses save millions of dollars in energy costs. Whatever business you are in, energy efficiency can positively impact your bottom line.
  • Education

    From elementary schools to the ivy league, we have extensive experience designing and fulfilling municipal, county, state, federal and other institutional energy-efficiency retrofit projects.
  • Industrial

    For manufacturers and warehouse facilities, energy costs can greatly impact profitability. We can reduce energy costs with minimal downtime to maximize profits. 
  • Municipal

    With a shrinking tax base, the public sector is expected to do more with less. Reducing the amount of money spent on energy is a best way to free up budget dollars.
  • Small Business

    We administer various electric and gas small-business energy-efficiency programs and manage and support all types of C&I retrofit projects.

Services to reduce energy bills

We provide a comprehensive suite of energy services, working with our customers to design custom solutions. Our services include:

Lighting and Energy Services

  • Energy Use Assessments (aka Energy Audits)
  • Lighting Audits
  • Design of Lighting System Upgrades
  • Present Potential Energy Savings
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • A Plan To Maximize Utility Incentives
  • Turn-key Labor, Material, & Disposal
  • We are an Authorized ChargePoint® Reseller – We engineer, distribute, and install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Mechanical and Power Services

  • Operational Assessments
  • Pumps & Fans
  • Motors & Drives
  • HVAC Systems
  • Boiler Systems
  • VFDs & NEMA Premium Motors
  • AHU Upgrades
  • RTU Efficiency Upgrade Systems
  • EMS / BMS
  • Energy Engineering Consulting Services
  • Energy Audits of Buildings
  • Energy Conservation Solutions
  • On-site Services

Energy use assessment

Energy assessments help you make informed energy decisions and implement energy efficiency strategies. Assessments identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings.

The energy use assessment (aka audit) process includes…

  • A trained energy assessor will visit your business to uncover saving opportunities by evaluating building construction, heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting, water heating, windows and doors, and more
  • Following your assessment, you will receive a detailed report outlining recommended projects, paybacks, and rebates available
  • You consider our recommendations and choose which projects you’d like to complete first
  • Move forward with the selected projects by contacting us
  • Collect rebates from the local utility company to realize faster paybacks on your efficiency project
  • Enjoy long-term savings on your energy program month after month, year after year

Your partner in energy conservation

From the latest in LED lighting and controls to super-efficient VFDs to drive your pumps and motors, we have the suppliers, products, and services it takes to save you energy and reduce costs. We will secure maximum dollars in incentives and rebates through our trade ally and program management relationships with utility and government organizations across our footprint, making sure your return on investment is met.

Our engineers, auditors, and project managers identify the measures, design the solutions, and pre-qualify the incentives. Our electricians and qualified subs get it built, providing a turn-key solution from audit to installation.

While lighting often leads the retrofit list, Horizon Solutions offers a whole lot more. With a specialization in mechanical and HVAC energy measures, we are able to access your whole building from pumps and blowers, boiler replacements, fuel-source conversions, chillers, energy management systems, and roof-top units. They can all be in our sights when we audit your facility, indoor or out, electric or gas.

Let Horizon Solutions help you meet your financial and sustainability goals.

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