Boost your bottom line while saving energy with rebates and incentives.

Energy Rebates and Incentives

Federal and state governments offer energy rebates and incentives to encourage and promote businesses to invest in energy-efficient projects.

BenefitsEnergy Savings Financing

  • Offset initial project costs. With less to invest, you’ll realize a return on investment quicker.
  • Fund more energy upgrades. Lower project costs will give you the option to consider additional upgrades.
  • Shorten payback periods. Your energy-saving projects will also save on financing and interest.
  • Increased return on investment. From additional upgrades to lower budgets, you’ll maximize ROI.

The Horizon Solutions team works to help you understand what money is available to you. The project approval process can be confusing and frustrating. Let us do the work, and make the process simple and painless for you.

How we can help

From our energy services expertise to our deep connections, we can develop energy-saving solutions that are high quality and cost-effective. When you work with Horizon Solutions, you leverage our:

  • Strong, established connections with the local utility companies in the regions we serve
  • Thorough understanding and knowledge of what is available to recoup in rebates and incentives
  • Familiarity with filing and completing request paperwork
  • Knowledge of additional financing options

Learn more about our energy trade allies and partners here.

Contact the Horizon Solutions team today to learn more about the programs available in your area.