Reduce your exposure to equipment failure.

Maintenance and production services to keep you up and running

Horizon Solutions brings you a dedicated professional services team to help manage your critical inventory and your maintenance schedule. Our team can assist with the following maintenance & production services:

  • Equipment Support Contracts (Assurance) Cover yourself against the impact of downtime
  • Extended Warranty (Assurance) Protect your automation investment, reduce overall maintenance expenses
  • Preventive Maintenance Avoid lost productivity caused by poor performance or unplanned failure
  • Equipment Start-Up (Commissioning Services) Get your new equipment up and running on time
  • Condition Monitoring Identify and prevent potential equipment failures in real-time
  • Remanufacturing Services and Repairs When your manufacturing assets fail, our remanufacturing and repair services keep you up and running.

Our service and support for these areas can be onsite, remote, or a hybrid of both. We strive to provide professional services that meet your needs.

Rockwell Automation® Services & Support

Horizon Solutions offers a highly-trained team of Rockwell Automation® specialists and support for all of the global manufacturing services listed above. The goal of this team is to help you and your facility reduce downtime and increase productivity. The Horizon Solutions RSS team is available Monday–Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Contact this team for all of your maintenance and production service needs: Call 1-877-390-8511

To learn more about all of our maintenance & production services, contact Horizon Solutions today.

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