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Automation Equipment Upgrades and Migrations

Automation Equipment: Upgrades and Migrations

We live in a world with an astonishing array of high-tech products used in every aspect of our business. No technology, regardless of how innovative, can last forever. Upgrading automated equipment can represent a major challenge and a serious capital investment, and Horizon Solutions is here as a long-term partner to help you overcome those challenges. We can help you address product maturity without negatively impacting your productivity.

For automation technologies, Horizon Solutions will partner with Rockwell Automation® to help you explore migration options, focusing on:

  • Improving productivity while minimizing changeover associated downtime
  • Promoting globalization and ease of integration across your enterprise
  • Supporting sustainability and a strategic migration over time, based on your ROI

Learn how to change your migration to new technology and upgrade your equipment from a burden to a success story by contacting Horizon Solutions today.

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Lighting Systems Upgrades and Retrofits

Lighting Systems: Upgrades and Retrofits

A lighting upgrade can often be a quick and easy step towards improving your facility and realizing significant long-term savings. There are many compelling reasons to upgrade your facility lighting:

  • Ongoing energy savings offered by new lighting technology
  • Up-front cost savings of a replacement versus a completely new system
  • Improved facility appearance and performance

Common lighting applications for upgrades and retrofits include:

  • Linear fluorescent, i.e. T5 / T8 / T12
  • Using innovative optical and mechanical designs to achieve a unique light distribution pattern
  • Direct replacement lamps w. options for external drivers and instant start ballast
  • Upgrading to LED technology
  • Parking Lots, High Bay, Low Bay, Athletic Facilities and many more

Many manufacturers of lighting products offer specific kits to make installation quick and easy, oftentimes pre-engineered to work with existing fixtures. Our lighting specialists understand these specific products and can work with you to identify retrofit and upgrade opportunities.

To learn more about a preliminary audit of your lighting systems, contact Horizon Solutions today.

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