Safety is more than a box to check, especially when it comes to industrial equipment. When the lives of your employees and your own livelihood are on the line, it’s critical that your safety program is both pervasive and effective. We’re here to provide guidance and make recommendations.

In 2016 and 2017, lockout/tagout ranked number five on OSHA’s top 10 list of safety violations. Recently, we went over ways to make your lockout/tagout program smarter, now let’s focus on the seven essential parts of a successful, compliant LOTO program.

With more advanced and modernized automation practices than ever before, it’s important that workplace safety practices stay as up to date as plant equipment and technology. Smart Safety is an emerging global trend in automating the tracking, measuring, and review of safety procedures.

This post will review activities where LOTO could potentially be engineered out with an alternative measure. What qualifies an application?  In short, it must be (1) routine, (2) repetitive, and (3) integral to production. These tasks are further outlined in OSHA’s minor servicing exception.