Uptime—it’s a big focus in the manufacturing environment, today more than ever. Nothing ruins productivity like unplanned shutdowns. The only surefire way to reduce downtime and increase machine efficiency is to collect data and determine the root causes of it throughout your facility.

Every time I turn a corner, a new manufacturer is getting into or expanding their product offerings into the Internet of Things (IoT). Because we’re so close to its innovations, we know the rise of the IoT is just the beginning. Let’s look at some technological advancements from manufacturers.

Rockwell Automation continues to make world-class products, make them smarter, and invest in technologies like self-discovering analytic bots and augmented reality. This broad portfolio gives them the most comprehensive IIoT solution. It’s why we’re proud to be an authorized distributor.

A question I hear almost every day is “Should I upgrade this automated system?” I am paraphrasing of course; the actual question might sound more like “Should I dump this PLC5? How much longer can we get it to work? Do they even still repair this one anymore?”