Why do failures happen at 2 AM? I wish I could answer because I do understand the challenges that happen when a production line has a failure in the middle of the night. I’ve lived it. Having a support solution in place is a tremendous asset. But unless you get it right, issues can still arise.

Keeping your workforce up to speed with ever-changing automation technology is a daunting task for manufacturers. Luckily, there are training providers who offer a variety of training solutions that can help companies balance training with productivity, accommodating schedules and learning styles.

When it comes to operating and supporting automation equipment, employers are concerned about filling skill gaps and keeping up with changing technology. Let’s look at the costs and benefits of different types of training that you should consider when putting a training plan together.

There are many under-utilized tools associated with TechConnect Support Contracts, including Training Advisor. With a rapidly aging workforce and ever-changing automation technology, it’s more critical than ever that companies have a plan to develop and build knowledge. So, what’s Training Advisor?