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Rockwell Automation® Training Services

Our Training Services help you achieve operational excellence and improve the skills and knowledge of your workforce. Whether at a single manufacturer’s plant site or enterprise-wide, Training Services from Horizon Solutions are available for foundation, intermediate and mastery-level skills for your employees. Through our partnership with Rockwell Automation®, we offer a global footprint and extensive knowledge of today’s skilled workforce. This enables us to shape repeatable training programs from our comprehensive industrial training portfolio.

Rockwell Automation® Training Services

We create comprehensive-managed training solutions that are directly aligned with business metrics and goals. Rockwell Automation Training Services will design and implement future-proof, sustainable, flexible solutions that result in retained performance. We continuously measure the value of each solution through ongoing alignment and investment analysis and we can help increase the consistency, experience and competency of employees to improve enterprise-wide productivity and profitability.

Elements of a successful workforce solution can include:

  • Skills and knowledge assessments
  • Embedded instructors
  • Application-specific or custom curriculums
  • On-going refresher training
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Custom electronic learning
  • Craft Skills, mechanical concepts and precision maintenance courses
  • Custom workstations
  • Training project management

Every solution is custom crafted based on your goals and objectives, using a proven process to identify your ideal vision, real constraints, timelines and established measurements of success.

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